Technology Brings Additional Comforts And Functionality To Camping

One of the greatest problems for kids that don’t want to take that summer camping trip with the family is the lack of entertainment if the weather turns foul. A rainy day is the claimed culprit of lack of interest by most kids and teens across the country and has been the no 1 excuse for them not to make the trip to the campgrounds or river for the annual family outing.
These days are over because new technology makes it where you can have your cake and eat it too as far as camping is concerned.
Portable solar chargers have come a long way over the last 10 years and can now charge cell phones to GPS devices to portable games to keep the kids entertained on rainy days and after dark.
Just 5 years ago there were no solar chargers that could provide any significant power on even a slightly overcast day, but times are changing.
There are many portable solar chargers that can operate in cloudy condition as well as light rain, but this is not the end of the story. They how carry their own lithium Ion batteries encased within the chargers, allowing you to save the power for when you need it, making them more useful and reliable to campers, backpackers and other outdoor activities.
Can you imagine charging your charger on a sunny day and having enough juice to power up a cell phone, a GPS and a gameboy all from the power of th3e previous days sunlight? What if you are having a dreary day of light rain? That seems to be no problem any longer with modern technology since some of the units available is waterproof, making them viable for boaters and whitewater rafting.
There are a good number of places that you do have cell service if you can keep a charge on your smartphone as you enjoy rafting, canoeing and other boating activities.
GPS is an important tool in navigation for many hikers, so these new solar chargers will likely soon be credited with saving lives if they haven’t already.
While there are many other uses for solar in camping, hiking and boating, there are just as many new products that modern technology has brought to this lifestyle of outdoor enjoyment, and probably many more in the near future, but everyone can agree that a portable solar charger is going to be one of the most useful for a very long time.

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