Outdoor Adventurers: Are You Prepared for Emergencies?

Outdoor adventurers enjoy testing their abilities by skydiving, hiking, camping, rock climbing and more. Although rigorous outdoor recreation can be a great escape from everyday, ordinary life; it may also prove deadly, when unexpected disasters occur. Before you head out on another outdoor adventure, find out how one small, inexpensive asset could save your life.
Coping with a dangerous accident
Enjoyable excursions can turn into deadly situations without warning. Sudden, unexpected injuries can threaten your life, especially if you are far from help when they occur. If you land in a serious, scary situation; you need to have the right equipment handy. Unfortunately, many adventurers don’t like to bring along much gear; because they want to travel lighter. If this sounds like you, there is one inexpensive, simple tool you should always have on hand.
The paracord survival bracelet
Comprised of stretchy, durable paracord rope, these tools don’t look like much more than attractive bracelets at first sight; however, when disasters occur, they can prove to be the only things standing between you and certain death. If you ever end up in one of the following life-threatening situations, your paracord bracelet may keep you alive.
– Deep gashes and lacerations – A severe fall or knife-related accident could cause severe bleeding. If you are in a remote area far from assistance, you can use your bracelet to make a tourniquet to stop uncontrolled bleeding before you lose consciousness or worse.
– Fractures and broken bones – If you have a bad fall, you could end up with fractures or broken bones. In this case, you may need to create a splint to help support the bones; so you can go for help. If you have a paracord bracelet; take it out and use it to fasten your splints in place. Because the paracord is durable and elastic, it will keep the splints firmly in place and provide much-needed support.
– Additional uses – Survival bracelets don’t just help in life or death situations; they can also come in handy in some other less-serious situations. Strip your paracord down to create shoelaces, sewing threads, fishing line, snares and more.
Add your own style
You can find cheap paracord bracelets at outdoor equipment stores; however, many outdoor enthusiasts like to buy their own paracord and make bracelets according to their own sense of style. Available in all sorts of colors, paracord can be fashioned in all sorts of attractive ways; you can even add trinkets, small pictures and other decorations to make them personal and unique.

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